Accommodated Testing

In order to continue, please read the following policies that must be met each time you take an exam at the Testing and Evaluation Office.

  • This service is for McBurney students with a current McBurney Center accommodation plan (Faculty Notification Letter). Any student using this service without the consent of the McBurney Disability Services Office will be charged with academic misconduct.
  • Requests must be received at least one week (7 days) before the scheduled time. Requests will then await instructor approval before being scheduled. If there is no approval three days before your exam, the request will be canceled. You will be emailed any changes to the status of your request.
  • No unauthorized aids (notes, calculators, bags, books, etc...) will be allowed in the testing room. This includes cell phones, laptops, iPods, iPads, or any other electronic device that has not been authorized by the instructor. Use of any unauthorized materials or items will be considered academic misconduct.
  • Academic misconduct will not be tolerated. Any instance of academic misconduct or dishonesty will be reported to your instructor and the Dean of Students.
  • For the safety and wellbeing of everyone, the testing office and testing rooms will be monitored by video and audio recording equipment.
  • Be on time. The exam will start and end at the date and time that has been approved by your instructor. Any time missed will not be made up.
  • Be prepared. Have a photo ID and all approved materials with you.

By clicking AGREE, you indicate that you accept these conditions