Regional Placement Testing Program

Students starting classes in the summer or fall semester can
Register to take placement exams on the Regional Testing Registration page starting February 1.
Registration for computer based testing will begin on March 1.

Students requesting special accommodations should not register online. Follow this link to
request special accommodations due to a disability.

The battery of placement tests includes math, English and your choice of world language (French, German or Spanish). Please refer to the information you received from the campus you will be attending about which tests you must take and the length of time needed between when you test and when you can attend your advising session. This is very important because several campuses will require your placement test results before you can register for classes. Some campuses require you to complete your tests 1-2 weeks before advising. Important Note: You will need to bring a government-issued photo ID (your high school ID will suffice as long as it has your entire name and a photo) to the testing site.

Students can take the paper/pencil method at one of many Regional Testing sites. Each University of Wisconsin System campus offers at least one date as a testing site no matter which UW campus a student will be attending. We also offer some dates using this paper/pencil option at Washburn High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota and at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. There is no charge at the testing site for the paper/pencil placement testing option. Registration closes for each test date 8 days before that test date.

Please Note: Registration for CBT begins on March 1.

Students also have the option to schedule a computer based test (cbt) at a testing center. Test sites are available in more than 1,100 locations in the US and around the world. There is an additional charge for scheduling an appointment at a testing center. If none of these options works, students need to contact the campus they are planning to attend for other options.
To preview a list of test site cities, please use the following link:
List of Test Site Cities
* Please note: Some testing sites may not have posted available dates, but all will offer University of Wisconsin placement tests.

Important Note for students requesting accommodations due to a disability - DO NOT REGISTER ONLINE for either paper/pencil or computer-based testing (CBT). You will not receive accommodations by registering online, you must follow the process as described below. Please be patient, this process can take up to several weeks.

Processing of accommodation requests for students entering in the Fall will begin on February 1.

If you wish to request special accommodations due to a disability, please send a letter on your high school letterhead (please do not send an IEP) from a teacher, counselor or principal who will:

  1. Describe what test accommodations are appropriate for you,
  2. Include your telephone number, email address and date of birth, (Please note: This email address will be used to send you accommodation information and scheduling instructions),
  3. Include which site you wish to test at, if you want to test at the Minneapolis site or the College of DuPage site, please include your preferred test dates (unless you are choosing to schedule a computer-based test, then just mention you want to test using CBT),
  4. Include what campus you plan to attend in the fall.

Send this information to: Tim O'Connor, via email to:
(emailed information still requires a letter on high school letterhead)

After submitting this information, you will receive a response from Tim O'Connor with specific instructions how to schedule your exam.

Follow this link to Register to take your Placement Tests