Early English Placement Tool

Welcome to the Wisconsin Early English Placement Tool (EEPT) Program.

English Composition Requirements by Campus

This information is designed as a resource to help students who participate in the Early English Placement Tool (EEPT) program. Using this information, students can interpret their test scores in relation to requirements at University of Wisconsin System campuses.

Each student receives a score report which indicates the level at which they would likely start, if they were to take an English composition course right now, at one of the University of Wisconsin System campuses. The descriptions of the levels are provided for each odd number scale point. Students placing at an even numbered scale point have skills that fall between those provided for the points immediately above and below it.

How the levels are defined in terms of actual courses varies from campus to campus and can be found in the placement levels by campus chart.

Students may be able to improve their English preparation by taking a composition class during their senior year. Adequate preparation prior to entering college is important to save a student both time and money. Often, students taking high school level courses at college must pay tuition, but may not receive credits which count towards a college degree. Such a student thereby extends the time it takes to finish college with a degree.

Please note that English curricula will be reviewed by campuses on a regular basis, however students should always check with their intended campus prior to enrolling for the most up-to-date information.